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Global Offshore Wind: The Value of the Online Experience

Our flagship Global Offshore Wind conference and exhibition has gone online for 2020. While we don’t have to go into the reasons why, we do want to highlight the value of attending an event in this format right now. It’s about reconnecting with the world of offshore wind from the comfort and convenience of your own home.

The benefits

There are many potential benefits of the virtual event that offer great value for attendees.

· Optimal convenience – it couldn’t be easier to update your knowledge and skills. You don’t even need to leave your sofa!

· Streamlined budget – without accommodation and travel costs, you can make substantial savings while still accessing quality education.

· Continued learning – even with everything going on, you don’t have to sacrifice your education or your industry updates.

· Virtual networking – it might not be the same as speaking to someone in person, but virtual communication is made simple when attending an event like this. You can interact via live chat and call options with game-changing individuals and teams from throughout the offshore wind supply chain, including high level policy makers, global press and more

Highlights of Global Offshore Wind 2020

  • 80+ exhibitors

  • 300 speakers

  • 4000+ participants

  • 3 live days with 6 expert conference streams

  • 30+ hours of exclusive content

  • 22 live and interactive sessions

  • 3 specialist theatres – Innovation, Global Markets, Supply Chain

  • New Futures Forum (Offshore Wind Careers Fair)

Know what to expect

Of course, it’s important to acknowledge that there are some limitations to a virtual event. Some of the networking and socialising benefits of physically attending a show cannot be replicated in the same way online, so knowing what to expect with regards to interaction with others is key to making the very most of your time.

That said, current times require us to adapt. We cannot meet in person, so the virtual event space we have created is the next best thing. We will be sharing some how-to guides to help you navigate the event on the day, as well as some top tips to ensure you can fully utilise the functionalities available.

Get involved

At the end of the day, planning ahead and really engaging with others* are both important if you are to gain maximum value from Global Offshore Wind 2020 virtual conference and exhibition. And there is plenty of value to be enjoyed! Immerse yourself in the world of offshore wind to discover the very latest innovations, ideas and technologies, all from the comfort of your own home.

Don’t miss the virtual Global Offshore Wind 2020 this October. #RUKGOW20

*Kharouf H, Biscaia R, Garcia-Perez A, Hickman E. Understanding online event experience: The importance of communication, engagement and interaction. Journal of Business Research. Published online February 2020



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