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Promoting sustainability inside and out

A blog from Renewable Parts

James Barry, Chief Executive, at Renewable Parts

#RUKGOW21 Event Sponsor, Renewable Parts, is at the forefront of the offshore wind industry as we witness rapid development and maturing of the sector. The organisation aims to play a leading role in the UK’s route to net zero, expanding capabilities within the sector and supporting widespread decarbonisation across industries. It is promoting the benefits of reliable supply chains and the utilisation of refurbished parts to reduce turbine downtime, create a circular economy, and further sustainability and reliability in wind. The goal is to reduce carbon emissions during wind turbines operations of turbines, facilitating the decarbonisation of the industry in line with wider sustainability ambitions.

James Barry, Chief Executive, at Renewable Parts, comments:

“We are proud to have helped our customers reduce carbon footprints by 130 tonnes so far, diverting over 70 tonnes of waste and scrap away from landfill. This is just the start but it is a very positive step in the right direction. It highlights the real opportunities for greater sustainability even within the renewable energy sector as we work towards a cleaner supply chain for the UK market.”

Indeed, Renewable Parts is leading the way in this field, having already been recognised for its achievements in facilitating and supporting a greener wind industry. The company won the prestigious 2020 Carbon Reduction Award at Scottish Renewable’s Green Energy Awards, while it was more recently long-listed for the renowned Ashden Awards as well.

In order to maintain momentum and continue developing its technology, collaboration is at the heart of everything Renewable Parts does. The company is already working with various organisations in different industries to research new solutions and drive innovation across the renewable energy industry. In a similar way, working relationships with turbine owners and operators are just as important. These collaborations enable the better creation of a unified circular economy ETHOS and help maximise the lifespan of the components through remanufacture.

As the wind industry matures, this work will become even more important – not only for the organisations directly involved but also for the sector as a whole. Companies and individuals across the supply chain need to work together in refurbishing and remanufacturing components that have become obsolete.

Ultimately, the more information that is shared between projects and the supply chain, the more sustainable everyone can become. This cooperation also paves the way for enhanced innovation and advancement of everything from products to processes, promoting sustainability in all possible areas to support our shared net zero goal.

James adds:

“An entirely sustainable supply chain will be important for the future strength of the renewable energy sector and the realisation of UK and global net zero targets.”

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