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If You Have Low Cost, Low Carbon Power To Sell, We Have Just The Event For You.

RenewableUK's Deputy CEO Maf Smith talks about our brand new RE-SourceUK event, a joint venture with the Solar Trade Association, which will take place in London on 8th July.

Maf Smith, RenewableUK Deputy CEO

One of the great things about working in the renewable sector is to see our industry grow. As our costs fall, so interest in renewables grows. That’s needed of course given the distance we have to travel to meet our climate change goals.

It’s not just governments and the public who care about having low cost, low carbon power. Public bodies and corporates also care. They of course are looking to manage their own energy costs, and also to respond to staff, shareholder, stakeholder or electorate demands about being sustainable organisations.

One example of that is the growth in large corporate companies committing to 100% renewable power via the RE100. That matches the shift in our industry, with more and more energy suppliers now moving to make renewable power the main part, and in some cases the only part, of their business offer. That’s leading to increasing demand for Corporate Power Purchase Agreements that source low carbon power direct from suppliers.

While this market is slowly evolving, the potential is vast. Our partners Solar Power Europe and WindEurope are already supporting this at an EU level with their successful RE-Source platform and events.

But I’m delighted that with their support, we’ve been able to bring this platform to the UK and give this work a UK focus for the first time. With our partners the Solar Trade Association, this week we launched RE-SourceUK 2019. This event, held as part of London Climate Action Week, takes place at the Guildhall on the 8 July.

At the event we will be bringing together energy buyers and sellers to talk about how to grow this important market. We’ll be giving them a space to talk to each other too and to learn from each other and hopefully start some serious B2B conversations.

This idea is chiming with our members. Already we have ScottishPower Renewables; EdF Renewables; DLA and EY signed up as Event Partners and Macquarie – Green Investment Group and City of London signed up as Sponsors.

We’re working with a range of other groups and associations to bring energy buyers to the event. Attendance for them is free – we’re looking to make sure that the right people are in the room for our members to network with. If you have buyers you would like to invite to the event please do get in touch.

We’re also working closely with RE100/CDP, Solar Power Europe, WindEurope and the World Business Council on Sustainable Development – making sure our UK work fits into what is happening elsewhere in Europe.

This first RE-SourceUK event on 8 July is only the start of what we can do. Our plan is to then build on this launch event with an even bigger 2020 event modelled closely on the existing Amsterdam RE-Power events.

Helping our members is at the heart of what we do within RenewableUK and the Solar Trade Association. So helping them find new ways to sell low cost renewable power to public authorities and businesses looking to source it is a great way we can bring further benefit to our great members.



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