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Future Leaders 2022! An Interview With Suzane Clifton, EDF Renewables.

Updated: Sep 1, 2022

Suzanne Clifton, Principal Business Development Manager, EDF Renewables

RenewableUK Shadow Board interviews Suzanne Clifton, Principal Business Development Manager at EDF Renewables about her exciting experience attending 'Future leaders 2022'.

Why did I attend Future Leaders?

'I was lucky enough to attend Future Leaders as a speaker and organiser because I was part of the RUK Shadow Board. It also meant I was able to participate in many of the sessions throughout the day. I was thrilled to be able to speak with other future leaders as well as listen to a number of insightful sessions.'

What is your story?

'I transitioned into renewables four years prior to attending the event. Over that time I had really developed in my career, particularly aided by being selected to the RUK Shadow Board. A few weeks before the event I had accepted an offer for a new role which I felt was a step up. I am now a project manager for an onshore windfarm which was successful in the recent CfD auctions. I’m now using my skills to build the project’s business case to meet financial investment decision. I am also involved in policy discussions particularly where they are related to the CfD and am now presenting at conferences on this topic.'

What benefits have you seen since you attended?

'Attending the Future Leaders really enhanced my confidence going into my new role. It also gave me a few ideas to really focus on and think about what type of leader I want to be in the future.'

Have you changed any of your approaches since you attended?

'One of the key bits of general advice I left with was around the fear of failure and the concept that there are only a few people who are stopping you from jumping for higher things because you don’t want to disappoint them. As a naturally risk adverse person I found this an interesting way of looking at personal risks. It has made me revaluate some choices and helped to increase my confidence to take risks.'

Future Leaders 2022 is a unique event gives 30 individuals the opportunity to learn from and network with some of the most experienced and inspiring leaders in the sector!

The deadline for applications is Friday the 23rd of September and takes place on the 7th of December, register here.



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