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Innovation and offshore wind...

Muhunthan Nagendram, Event Champion for SiemensGamesa at GOW21, highlights the technical developments currently driving innovation in the offshore wind sector. He says:

“The focus of research for us has been the next generation wind turbines and Power-to-X, looking at how we incorporate hydro technology to deliver an effective and commercialised system. The next steps will be about readying the infrastructure to facilitate use of the next generation turbines – which are bigger than previous equipment and therefore may need to be transported, installed and maintained differently.

“When developing wind turbines, we have to look at how to achieve the lowest cost for energy production. We have to build a feasible business case for customers and ensure viable results for end-consumers – and we need innovative technology to support this. As such, a lot of effort is dedicated to maturing technology and creating new solutions to streamline green energy production.

“At SiemensGamesa, we have many wind turbines operating offshore, so we have a lot of data to retrieve and scrutinise. We work with this to develop the next generation turbines, finding areas to improve and constantly striving for greater efficiency and output.

“Our goal is to support Government targets in any way that we can. Offshore wind has a massive role to play in the fight against climate change and we believe we offer a trusted partner for Government and society to rely on in making that happen.”

The UK is often celebrated as being a leader in offshore wind, driving innovation, building talent and accruing extensive experience in the field. There are several reasons why this has been such a success on our coastlines, some of which Muhunthan highlights:

“The UK is already one of our biggest markets for offshore wind. The Government has created exciting prospects with targets and support, which the industry is keen to maximise on. The early-stage commitment from the Government has been integral to making the UK a pioneer in the industry.

“SiemensGamesa’s latest investment in Hull shows our commitment to UK development of offshore wind. We have large competencies across the nation, with factories and offices. This has enabled us to build a lot of know-how regarding the existing infrastructure, and the production and execution of projects.”

GOW21 offers a platform for organisations like SiemensGamesa to demonstrate their latest achievements and innovations. It is also an opportunity for others to interact with the experts, gain valuable insight into industry developments and collaborate for a greener future.

About the event specifically, Muhunthan adds:

“At GOW21, I hope to engage with many colleagues across the industry, to share knowledge across fields and sectors. There will be developers, customers, manufacturers, politicians and so many more people there. This knowledge sharing across fields is hugely beneficial and can create synergies across the market as we work together for common goals. The wind industry has a huge responsibility to fight against climate change – everyone from OEMs to politicians and service providers have a stake and a duty. GOW21 offers a chance to come together and fulfil these responsibilities.

“For anyone attending as a fresh-comer to the industry, or straight out of university or school, I’d encourage you to drop by the SiemensGamesa stand to discover the opportunities available. We are a company for everyone, regardless of background or previous education, there is room for everyone and we need all kinds of talents to continue advancing.”



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