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Meet the #RUKGOW23 Event Champions

We're delighted to announce our #RUKGOW23 Event Champions — individuals who have been working tirelessly to drive positive change through the offshore wind sector! We're proud to recognize their hard work and dedication in the industry, from advocating innovative offtake solutions and delivering transformative offshore wind projects, as well as creating positive social change through sustainable, collaborative partnerships and working with local communities. Their passion and commitment make them the champions of our industry!

Sophie Banham

Offtake Director for Dogger Bank D


“I’ve been working towards building a Net Zero energy system in the UK for 15 years, and in my role as Offtake Director for Dogger Bank D, the potential fourth phase of the world’s largest offshore wind farm, I’m honoured to be advancing a project that would truly take the UK forward towards its Net Zero goals.”

Nicole Pearson

Ossian and Seagreen Project Environment Manager


“Offshore wind will play a key part in the transition to Net Zero carbon emissions, but the marine environment must be protected during the process. Biodiversity is key to ensuring our oceans remain productive and resilient. It is essential that we safeguard biodiversity and highlight its importance to both people and wildlife at all stages of the process.”

Chris Del Valle

Innovation Manager


“Innovation has been a critical enabler of the incredible reduction in the costs associated with deployment of Offshore Wind; allowing it to be more than competitive with traditional fossil fuel energy sources.”

Lottie Edwards


“I’m so proud to work on transformative wind farm projects across Europe. From fabrication, sail out, to offshore construction, it’s down to me to ensure that we can successfully deliver on time. Offshore wind is key to a net zero future and I’m privileged to play a part in this sector working to accelerate deployment.”

Lauren Little


“As a local Grimbarian, I am personally motivated by the long-term economic and social opportunities a world leading sector can bring to help transform coastal communities and create a lasting legacy for the next generation. I’m particularly focussed on social impact – specifically around skills, young people, social mobility and gender.”

Jordan O’Neill

Supply Chain Development Manager (Celtic Sea) SUPPLY CHAIN CHAMPION

“The growth of offshore wind creates many opportunities. However the supply chain is facing significant challenges: from commodity price inflation to a shortage of skilled labour. We must speed-up delivery of the policy frameworks required for investments, if suppliers are to scale-up to meet the demands of delivering net zero.”

Mie Elholm Birkbak

Specialist in Innovation and Concepts SUSTAINABILITY CHAMPION

“At Vestas, we strive to integrate sustainability in everything we do. Through our collaborative partnerships, we spearheaded a groundbreaking process to recycle epoxy-based blades in a circular manner, without altering their design or composition. By scaling up this circular value chain, we will now lead the industry in the creation of a circular value chain for blades.”

Come and meet our Event Champions at Global Offshore Wind 2023! If you haven't bought your ticket yet, register now for UK’s largest meeting place for the global offshore wind industry.



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